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Integration Possible Barrier to Real-Time Enterprise

January 18, 2010 Leave a comment
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Posted by Loraine Lawson Jan 15, 2010 10:51:04 AM

Is now the time for real time? GigaOm analyst Sameer Patel thinks social networking and customer demand for real-time interaction will cause real time to be a priority for enterprises over the next two years.But the systems running the enterprise are far from ready for real time, and can you guess what one of the major stumbling blocks will be? Anybody?

That’s right: Integration!

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Social media is changing everything and the question becomes “How will business adapt?” This post and the report that inspired it suggest that most companies will struggle because their business models need to be overhauled.

Big vendors like Microsoft, IBM et al are moving fast to provide tools to facilitate the changes their customers need to make.

My question is “Will customers get locked into a proprietary communication system that prevents them from sharing information with business colleagues on competing systems?”

Momentum is building for development of standards that will support communication and sharing between companies on different content management systems. You can follow stories of that development at