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Sir Terry wants to salvage remnants of Nortel

January 22, 2010 Leave a comment
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Tycoon plans fund to fill Nortel void Matthews seeks $100M-$200M to finance startups before ex-Nortel staff leave area
By Bert Hill, The Ottawa Citizen: CATA Teleforum MP3 Presentation by Mr. Matthews is Now Available
There’s not much left except the brand, and even that is tattered, but Sir Terry Matthews sees the value in salvaging the remnants of Nortel. More to the point, it is the talent left behind from the bankruptcy and breakup that he wants to put back to work.
Matthews sees the former employees of Nortel as a valuable resource that could be lost to Canada if new tech companies don’t jump in to fill the breach. The idea certainly fits perfectly with the plan to create the Mobile Process Services market.